Back Pain – Living With Disk Protrusions

Recently my nerve pain in my hip, lower back and glute got worse so so decided to get off my butt and investigate it further with my doctor. Turns out I’ve been dealing with L4 and L5 disk protrusions and SI joint arthritis thanks to a riding injury over 2years ago. Whilst the initial injuryContinue reading “Back Pain – Living With Disk Protrusions”

Happy 2020 – Kick start those goals

Happy New Year! Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way and you’ve probably made a list of NY’s resolutions that you want to achieve for the year, have you also thought about what you’d like to achieve in your dressage and riding with your equine partner? I’ve had a look (read) around theContinue reading “Happy 2020 – Kick start those goals”

The great Hendra debate

An article in about the Hendra vaccine brought up some interesting points regarding the issue of vaccinating against the deadly disease or choosing not to. There is a current class action against Zoetis Australia, the producer of HeV vaccine, in that they misled the public to believe that all areas of Australia were highContinue reading “The great Hendra debate”

Dressage gave me purpose

It’s amazing to think that just over 6 years ago was when I first fell in love with horses and the processes behind riding such a majestic beast. I moved from Pony Club competitions to training in dressage. The intricacies of my minute movement (aids) and how each communicate a different thing you’d like theContinue reading “Dressage gave me purpose”

Neue Schule Bit Review

I’ve been looking at ways to make my horse more comfortable and less likely to open her mouth during riding. My sister tagged me in a post from Bit Bank Australia regarding the Neue Schule bit range and how they differ from regular double link snaffle bits. After chatting with Bit Bank Au about myContinue reading “Neue Schule Bit Review”

What motivation means to me

You see so many people competing, training and actively pursuing their dreams, but what motivates them to strive for their goal’s day in day out for years? What motivates me to get out of bed before the sun and jump on my horse before a nine-hour day at work followed by an hour of weightsContinue reading “What motivation means to me”