I’m blogging my transition to horse riding and dressage after 13 years training in multiple facets of dance and teaching others in the process. A marketer by day, I train as an amateur owner-rider under the guidance of Equestrian Australia coaches and high-level riders to bring my thoroughbred mare up to competition standard. We have a long way to go as Bjorn is an ex-racehorse and I haven’t ridden very long.

Living in sunny Brisbane, Australia my sights are set on one day competing in the Advanced & PSG levels.

Follow my journey in dressage education and training through the classical levels of this magnificent equestrian sport.


Shae's Dressage - Amateur Rider

The information presented in my blog is of greater significance to me for exploring the aspects of dressage and horse riding. Thus, this avatar represents my online personality and positions my web presence as a personal brand. As with many of my posts, the content feature’s my horse or aspects of riding therefore having an image of my face is not how I want my blog to be recognised.

The white against purple was chosen for its sleek yet contrasting design. My ‘Shae’s Dressage’ logo allows other people in the equestrian (and non-equestrian) communities to easily identify my presence consistently across all platforms.

© Shae Rudd 2019

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