Back Pain – Living With Disk Protrusions

Recently my nerve pain in my hip, lower back and glute got worse so so decided to get off my butt and investigate it further with my doctor.

Turns out I’ve been dealing with L4 and L5 disk protrusions and SI joint arthritis thanks to a riding injury over 2years ago.

Whilst the initial injury got better I had to start seeing a physio for what I thought was random sciatic nerve pain from muscle tightness.

So now two months off riding, standing up at work (office), and time off from heavy leg-based lifting at the gym, I’m finally pain free 99% of the time and don’t need pain killers.

I’ve ridden maybe once since the changes and think the time off has even helped Bjorn recover from tension in her hind legs.

I’ll be focussed on slowly reintroducing riding back for both of us with a daily core routine to prevent extra movements that aggravate the injury and arthritis.

Upping my daily steps from under 5K up to 10K has helped keep the joint mobility and I’ve seen some great changes in my body composition.

For now, baby steps!

Published by shaesdressage

An amateur dressage Rider Training my own ottb thoroughbred mare through the levels & based in Brisbane, Australia.

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