Equidae Botanicals Horse Care Review

Soothing & Calm Range

I’ve been a fan of this brand for a while, well before trying their products, as they are local and very active in the online equestrian community.

My horses have always been up and down with skin issues including Queensland itch/rain scald and allergic reactions to bug bites.

The first products I received from Equidae were the Soothing & Calm Shampoo and Conditioner pack.

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Using them in a weekly wash down, both Bjorn and Styler enjoyed a pamper soaking in the solutions for 5 mins between washing off.

They smelt amazing and it left the horses shiny and clean.

For the days following, the horses didn’t seem itchy and rolled far less than usual.

By week three my horses’ skin had visibly less patches of itch and irritation!

I now just continue with a bi-weekly treatment to maintain their coats.

These two products are made from natural, organic and plant-based ingredients to soothe and nourish sensitive skin.

Plus they are perfect for treating bald patches from rubbing or excessive sweating, and itching from dry flaky skin or insect bites. 

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Aloe Vera Gel

Seeing the results from the shampoo and conditioner and having horse that hates water on her head, I ordered the Soothing & Calm Aloe Vera Gel.

Perfect for easy application (without the hassle of a full wash) I used this product around her head where hair was missing as well as odd spots of irritation.

Soothing & Calm Aloe Vera Gel on sale for $19
ONLY $16.15 with CODE ShaeRudd15

This is by far my favourite product (so far) for its longevity at staying on and protecting the skin to help promote hair growth whilst at the same time soothing the area and deterring additional itching.

If you need something to pop on at feed time or after riding, this is your go-to product. Apply around the bridle areas and ears, under the tummy and also down the legs where itch occurs.

BEFORE – Patches of irritation around her head
AFTER – different side of the head but similar results here too!
AFTER – Happy horse with no itching or hairless patches

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