Neue Schule Bit Review

I’ve been looking at ways to make my horse more comfortable and less likely to open her mouth during riding. My sister tagged me in a post from Bit Bank Australia regarding the Neue Schule bit range and how they differ from regular double link snaffle bits.

After chatting with Bit Bank Au about my mare I decided to go with the Turtle Top for its restricted movement forward and backwards in the mouth. We’ve had contact issues which are slowly getting better, but I thought it was worth a try as we’ve had the same bit for about 10months now.

I also went with the eggbutt shape to stop the bit sliding out of her mouth when she opened it. This design seemed to stop this happening when I rode and she also seemed a lot more comfortable. Time will tell if it is worth the money I paid haha (wasn’t the cheap bits I’m used to buying).

Also, I was excited to see that she was chewing on it and there was saliva, something that she rarely did for the whole time I’ve had her.

Overall it fit perfectly and we had a first great ride! Thanks to Bit Bank Australia for suggesting this bit and I’ll keep you all updated on how she goes on my Instagram.

If you’ve have experience with the Neue Schule range leave a comment below or on my Instagram post! I’d love to hear about your experience.

Published by shaesdressage

An amateur dressage Rider Training my own ottb thoroughbred mare through the levels & based in Brisbane, Australia.

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