Brisbane CDI from the sidelines

Last week I volunteered at the Brisbane CDI and loved it! I only had to pack rider bags and collect sheets for a few hours but that let me get an insight into the event and what I should expect if I ever compete at it.

The judges were friendly as well as all the stewards. I got to watch the Novice tests and some of the Freestyle on the Saturday too. The day went extremely quick and before I knew it, my volunteering was done!

On the Sunday I watched the Masterclass run by USA rider Laura Graves. She went through the levels from 3-4yr olds up to Grand Prix.

It was great to see each horse and rider combination improve in various ways including being forward and in front of the leg, working on the pirouette canter plus more!

My main takeaway from the Masterclass was working on the aids and only correcting the horse when it makes a mistake; so staying quiet and not ‘driving’ the horse.

All in all it was a great weekend at the Brisbane CDI and I rushed home to ride my own horse!

Published by shaesdressage

An amateur dressage Rider Training my own ottb thoroughbred mare through the levels & based in Brisbane, Australia.

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